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ily for their pets through apps or WeChat accounts.Tang Ziyun, a 24-year-old college student i


rs like Tang who ar▓e still fresh in the job market and earn no more than 5,000 yuan a month in Beijing."Most of the foster families ar▓e not doing th


e service for


making money. For▓ example, the girl who takes care of my cat say▓s she just wants to find a playmate for her own cat in ca▓se it feels lonely," Tang s

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aid. Chen Weirong, a veterinarian in Shanghai, said some pets might▓ become ill after foster care. Skin diseases, coughing, vomiting and intestinal obstructions ar▓e the to

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nal Statistics Bureau, Chi img

p three possible problems.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Cod▓e to follow us on WechatThe body of evidence supporting the notion that p


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ay to becoming th?/em> 坋 third-largest pet market after the Unite▓d States and Japan. From 2010 to 2016, the local market g

rew by almost

50 percent annually on average.A report on China's pet market, released b▓y Epet.com, says China had more than 87 ▓million

pet cats and

dogs by the end of las t year, with dogs making up around 60 percent of the total.Th▓e business of pet-related goo ds and servi

ces is soaring i

n China and was expe cted to have reached 134 billi▓on yuan last year.Instead of sending their pets to ▓a large p et hotel,

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et ownership is go▓od for your health grew even fatter this month. A n▓ew study, published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, found that keeping animals could cut the risk of developing the relatively common cancer of the immune system, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, by almost one third."Th

e idea th▓at pets and good health are associated goes back 20 years or more," says Dr June McNicholas, a psychologist who has researched the relationship between people and their pets. The catalog of health plusses can't all be attributed

to regular dog-walking, however.W▓hen a study suggested that people who own pets have better cardiac health, says McNicholas, "one of the significant factors in people recovering well from a heart attack was own▓ing a pet, but it wasn't just dogs.

It applied ▓equally to cats." Here are some of the m▓any ways in which pets have been found to strengthen our co▓nstitutions.Pets are good for cardiac healthThe Baker Medical Research Institute in Australia studied 6,000 people and found that th

ose who kept animals had lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol - and therefore, a lower risk of heart at▓tack.Another study, conducted at the University of Minnesota and published earlier this yea▓r, concluded that cat owners were 40 p

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n the internet, findi▓ng a foster fam img

ercent less likely▓ to suffer a fatal heart attack than people who d▓idn't have a cat. Adnan Q

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